Manager of the Month: Dan Sloss of the Canberra Classical Guitar Society


This month we get to know Dan Sloss, the manager of several standalone groups for musicians and music lovers in Canberra, Australia.  Dan started the Canberra Classical Guitar Society, an organization of classical guitar players and supporters in Australia’s capital city, in 2007 along with Tim Kain, the Head of Guitar at the Australian National University’s School of Music.  “Most people who learn and play guitar have no fraternity because it’s a solo instrument,” Dan explains.  “I was in need of something to do and I’m a good organizer so I thought what Canberra seems to be lacking is organization at the classical guitar level.”

As a former commanding officer in the US Navy and US Naval attaché in Australia, Dan was more than up for that organizational challenge.  While searching for a membership management solution with an opt-in/out public mailing list for his new society, Dan discovered GroupSpaces.  He found that he could use GroupSpaces to keep members organized and to simplify the distribution of musical scores amongst the society’ guitar ensemble members.   “Personally, I like to manage as simply and efficiently as possible, and GroupSpaces makes that doable.”

When Dan later got involved with the  Canberra International Music Festival, an acclaimed annual art music program organized by the non-profit Pro Musica Incorporated, he knew immediately that he could help streamline their online management processes.  Previously, Pro Musica juggled multiple accounts with numerous services, and updating their website was an ordeal that could only be undertaken by one admin.  With Dan’s assistance,  “Pro Musica has reduced their website administration to a single domain with GroupSpaces. Loading webpages is simple and making corrections on the fly is no longer high drama.”

As with his guitar society, Dan is using GroupSpaces’ file sharing capabilities to distribute music scores to the hundreds of musicians participating in the festival.  They’ll also make great use of the photo gallery, Facebook integration, and newsletter features, and are currently exploring the possibility of selling tickets to the festival via GroupSpaces.

The 2012 Canberra International Music Festival will be held May 10-19th.  Dan’s Classical Guitar Society group can be found here.

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