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Group Manager of the Month: Jackie Jobes of the Bright Futures Society

The Bright Futures Society was started over 35 years ago to prepare students for life after school and university.  With committees operating all over the UK, the non-profit educates UK students on employment opportunities and arms them with the skills necessary to hit the ground running after graduation.

JackieJobesWith over 50 university committees spread throughout the England, Scotland, and Wales, Society Manager Jackie Jobes has her hands full ensuring each society remains supported and successful.  Having first joined Bright Futures as a student, Jackie found the experience so enriching she joined the team after graduating, quickly progressing from South England’s Regional Manager to her current position, overseeing the entirety of Bright Future’s societies, while planning and hosting National Conferences and managing the organization’s online presence.  When GroupSpaces was first recommended to her at a networking event, she thought it was precisely the simple management solution the societies needed.

Jackie and the Bright Futures team created individual group websites for each university committee in their organization and then handed the group management over to local leaders. She remains a manger of every group to keep an eye on things and assist when needed. The goal of each committee is to build local membership and organize events and activities to boost the overall employability of the student community, and an online presence is necessary to promote growth and keep members informed.  “Our groups enable each of our societies to have their own fully functional website and database management system,” Jackie explains.  “It is also great for them to promote and manage their events and communications to their members.”

Jackie admits that implementing big changes like the move to GroupSpaces can seem daunting.  “It is always a challenge taking on a completely new software,” she relates, “never mind encouraging over 50 students groups to understand and use it effectively too!”  But never one to shirk from a challenge, Jackie got Bright Futures through any “teething pains” with the help of GroupSpace’s support team, and the non-profit is the better for it.  “We love the fact that we have a fully integrated system where all our members from all our separate groups come into one,” she reports. “It is much easier to manage this way and saves a hell of a lot of time!”

To see examples of what local Bright Futures Societies get up to, check out the groups Jackie created for Birmingham, Manchester, or Bristol.

Does your manager keep your group running like clockwork?  Drop us a line to nominate them for a  feature in a future post!

Email Tips: Think before you attach!

We’re not crazy about email attachments here at GroupSpaces HQ.  So much so that we limit the size of attachments in emails sent through GroupSpaces to 128MB.  An attachment may get the job done when you’re checking in with Mom, but it has the potential to cause problems when  emailing a large number of people on, say, a listserv.  The most troubling side effect being that your message may never reach your recipients.

Attachments 1) increase the size of your message, sometimes dramatically so, and 2) can freak virus scanners out, particularly when sent to a large group of people.  Either can result in your email being blocked or filtered out.  Fortunately, we have an easy workaround.

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 16.20.17Instead of adding a file as an attachment, we recommend including a download link in your message.  Upload the file to the File section of your GroupSpaces account.  Ctrl+click(or right-click) on the download link that appears below the filename to copy the link.  Once copied, you can paste the download link directly into your email message and recipients will be able to click on the link to download the file.

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 16.30.04

Just remember to check that you’ve configured the visibility settings for that particular file so members of your list you’re messaging will be able to access it!  We recommend making the file totally public if possible, so the download is immediate and no login is required.