New Feature: Catch up with Email Digests

You may have noticed our blog was down this past week, but we’re back with a special treat to make it up to you. Fresh out of the oven, the Email Digests you ordered are ready to be put to use!

There are some people that want up to the minute notifications when a lively email discussion is underway, and there are others who may view a constant stream of messages as a disruption. We’ve added an Email Digest option for the latter group, members who want to stay in loop without cluttering up their inbox. Digests collect all the messages sent to a list and present them within a single email—delivered on either a daily or weekly basis—making it easier for members to catch up on your group’s activities whenever it’s most convenient for them.

Member Email Preferences

Digests can be enabled in your account with a single clicking in your email settings, and members can opt in to digests by editing their member settings. The setup specifics can be found in our help pages.

2 thoughts on “New Feature: Catch up with Email Digests

  1. Christine Winig

    This is great and I voted for this feature but I think you misunderstood the primary need. The use case is that my users want a weekly digest of all posts to the forums. The site only provides the ability to receive forum updates when you actually post an item. If a user goes up to the site and post an item on the forum then no one knows that a new forum entry has been formed unless they goto the site and look.

    1. Meghan Post author

      Thanks Christine – that sounds like it could be a nice feature to complement the new email digests, I’ll make sure that’s on our Product team’s consideration list!


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