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Featured Group Friday: Le Petit Chien … the small dog!

For this month’s Featured Group Friday, we’re talking to Susan of ‘Le Petit Chien … the small dog!‘

Susan has been an active member of our community as a manager, beta tester and regular contributor of feature requests and bug reports through our helpdesk. We spoke to her about running her group and what she enjoys about using GroupSpaces to do it.

Hi Susan, can we start with you telling us where you and your group are based? 
Le Petit Chien … the small dog! is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) and has been serving the Greater Philadelphia area since 2007. We also welcome virtual members, many whom are located throughout the United States and Canada.

What is the purpose of your group and why did you first start it?

Le Petit Chien is a not for profit organization that has been providing education and support since 2007 for the Greater Philadelphia dog community. We also offer adoption assistance, educational seminars, dog training classes and socialization opportunities for small and toy breed dogs. Our meetings feature off-leash play along with discussions led by veterinary professionals. We also hold several fundraisers a year for local rescue groups and area shelters.

In 2007, my husband and I added two Chihuahuas to our family. When looking for socialization opportunities for our puppies, we were unable to find a suitable organization that provided a safe and friendly environment for our tiny dogs. Dog parks were not a viable option, so we organized Le Petit Chien … the small dog!

What is the best part of running Le Petit Chein?
Meeting and socializing with other like minded pet guardians. Over the years we have formed many wonderful friendships while supporting our local dog community and area shelters.

What is your top group management tip for other group managers who may be reading this?
Have a clear vision of what you wish to accomplish with your organization. Differentiate your organization from any other that may be located in your geographic area and finally, listen to member feedback.

Why did you choose GroupSpaces as your management tool?

Le Petit Chien … the small dog! was originally located on another online social networking portal. Over the years, Meetup’s vision changed, their platform became too restrictive and their customer service severely deteriorated. During January 2010 we began beta testing alternative platforms and discovered GroupSpaces. We found GroupSpaces to be highly customizable while offering many of the tools that we required to manage our organization. GroupSpaces’ management was also open to developing new subscriber requested features and their platform was virtually bug free.

What has been your favourite part about using GroupSpaces to manage your group?
Interacting with GroupSpaces’ courteous customer service department. The customer service representatives have been very prompt in helping me to resolve any problem that has arisen. Their courteous and friendly assistance is a refreshing change from the poor customer service that we experienced at our former platform provider.

Any final thoughts?
Moving Le Petit Chien … the small dog! to GroupSpaces has been one of the best decisions I have made for our organization.
Take a look at Susan’s Group here.