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A Free Alternative To The New Meetup

In light of the recent updates to, we realise that many organizers have been left with a site that no longer satisfies their needs. In response to all your inquiries, we’d like to say hello, welcome and tell you more about how GroupSpaces can be used for running meetups with a quick guide to using our site.

Firstly, it’s FREE to create a group on GroupSpaces: Please create a group, play around and try out all our various functionality. We’re free for all groups with under 250 members & pricing starts at $8 / £5 a month for up to 500 members.

Similar to Meetup, we offer:
• A website/home for your site that is customizable. You choose the colors of everything from tabs, to background, to text. Our layout feature lets you pick from ‘recent forum posts’, ‘featured events’, ‘members’, ‘event calendar’, photos, videos and other content to display on your home page. You can also remove the adverts and use your own custom domain.
• Easy event management: e-mail invitations where members can RSVP straight from their e-mail as well as online, RSVP tracking, sending reminders/info to members who have RSVP’s ‘Yes’ / ‘No’, comment on events, sell tickets through paypal, limit event registrations
• Forum: Create multiple categories, opt-in to e-mail notifications of replies to your post or limit access to the forum to the organizers or a sub-set (list) of your members
• Mailing List: full control whether members can reply-all
• Member Profiles: members can message each other and link to twitter, linkedin and other pages
• Collect membership dues: integrated with the rest of the site, with easy tracking of who has/hasn’t paid
• Photo gallery – upload, comment on and view photo galleries. Additionally you can add photos and images to pages, newsletters, events and the homepage.

Extra features we provide which Meetup does not have, include:

• Facebook event integration: import or export events to Facebook easily for maximum event promotion
• Member database: store details & separate your members into sub-groups using lists
• Customizable newsletters: easy templates for a professional, consistent look
• Wiki: great resource for member driven knowledge base

Features Meetup has which we’re planning to add in the future:

• waiting lists: we have full RSVP tracking, ability to limit who can RSVP to events as well limited event ticket functionality, but no specific waiting list feature – UPDATE: coming very soon!
We’re working hard to make our site the best we can and we actively prioritise new development of our product in response to feature requests. So if there’s something you feel is missing, let us know and if enough people want it, we will try hard to make it happen.

HOW TO: Move your Meetup group to GroupSpaces:
1. Create and customize your group
2. Copy over your meetup information to pages in your group and your group profile
3. Invite your members to join by sending them the link to
4. Create your next event and add an event box to your group homepage
Members can quickly create an account by ‘Connecting with Facebook’ or by creating a full GroupSpaces account.
While many other sites focus primarily on the users, GroupSpaces was built with the managers and organizers of groups in mind to provide a set of easy to use, comprehensive tools to manage your members, events and site all from one place. This is our speciality. If it sounds like something for you, then I hope you’ll check us out.

Thank you to everyone for the interest and messages we have received, please feel free to get in touch with us at if you need any other help, information or to give us feedback.

All the best,
Irina, Community Manager, GroupSpaces

P.S. We have a Meetup FAQ here in response to questions we’ve received & have noticed that there are discussions of new meetup and alternatives happening here: